Don’t Complicate E-Commerce; Embrace It

dceeDespite all the sweet talk about Net commerce, when candy store owner Kevin Benz launched his Web site a year ago he knew getting sales wouldn’t be a cakewalk. So the 40-year-old entrepreneur signed up with CyberCash–an Internet company that accepts credit card transactions. Within one day of posting Sweet Thoughts’s home page, orders for dab rigs came pouring in. As a result, projected revenues for the Bellevue, Washington, Web-based company are $65,000.

Like Benz, many business owners realize that the best way to beef up online orders is to accept credit cards. And now companies such as CyberCash allow you to accept plastic and let you deal in digital dollars as well. Unfortunately, says David Buchen, director of the Web incubator project at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, “the public isn’t yet feeling that it’s secure enough. There’s been too much negative publicity about hackers breaking into what everybody thought were secure sites.” Fortunately, the public’s wariness hasn’t caused sales at Sweet Thoughts to hiccup. And because CyberCash’s encryption system is safe, Benz is planning to accept digital dollars.

But even with tight security, people are skeptical. Although they’re just like paper legal tender, digital dollars remain a distant second as the chosen currency of Net commerce.  According to, a regional small business opportunities search site, only a fraction of the roughly 10,000 Web retailers now doing business online accept payment methods other than credit cards.

Still, if you sell items under $10 on your site, such as games, T-shirts Continue reading