Is Online Education Right For You?

Ok, class, here’s today’s pop quiz. Imagine you are interviewing yourself for the position of head of a business. Would you hire you? This is an essay question. You may begin.

ioerI think I’d have aced the first part of the interview. I knew my trade when I quit my day job and went into business for myself as a writer and Web site developer. I had almost a decade of experience in the business, a Rolodex full of contacts, and a lot of regular work lined up. But the tough-cop questions that interviewers use to sort out the sheep from the goats would have consigned me to the goat pile in minutes. How much did I know about bookkeeping? Marketing? Growing a business? Human resources?

As a corporate hireling, I had always thrown these tasks into the “not my department” out-box. Especially the bit about human resources — as I proved by offering myself the positions of CEO, human resources director, president, janitor, and only employee of my fledgling company. An HR professional would have Continue reading