Don’t Complicate E-Commerce; Embrace It

dceeDespite all the sweet talk about Net commerce, when candy store owner Kevin Benz launched his Web site a year ago he knew getting sales wouldn’t be a cakewalk. So the 40-year-old entrepreneur signed up with CyberCash–an Internet company that accepts credit card transactions. Within one day of posting Sweet Thoughts’s home page, orders for dab rigs came pouring in. As a result, projected revenues for the Bellevue, Washington, Web-based company are $65,000.

Like Benz, many business owners realize that the best way to beef up online orders is to accept credit cards. And now companies such as CyberCash allow you to accept plastic and let you deal in digital dollars as well. Unfortunately, says David Buchen, director of the Web incubator project at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, “the public isn’t yet feeling that it’s secure enough. There’s been too much negative publicity about hackers breaking into what everybody thought were secure sites.” Fortunately, the public’s wariness hasn’t caused sales at Sweet Thoughts to hiccup. And because CyberCash’s encryption system is safe, Benz is planning to accept digital dollars.

But even with tight security, people are skeptical. Although they’re just like paper legal tender, digital dollars remain a distant second as the chosen currency of Net commerce. According to, a regional small business opportunities search site, only a fraction of the roughly 10,000 Web retailers now doing business online accept payment methods other than credit cards.

Still, if you sell items under $10 on your site, such as games, T-shirts Continue reading

Charity Begins On The Web!

The end of another year brings the rush to reduce your tax bill. Although December 31 looms, you’re probably too busy to weed through the tax-deductible organization pleas cluttering your mailbox. But focus your energy online and you’ll see that finding a worthy charity isn’t as tsibhard as you might think. Follow my crash course on online charitable giving and in an evening you’ll find a group for your donation.

The first site I hit is Money magazine online’s Charity Selector. These pages list such big-name nonprofits as the United Way and the Haven Recovery Center as well as lesser-known groups. I could easily and confidently choose any one of these organizations and give a lump sum.

In a little over an hour, using the Charity Selector’s Web links, I manage to download mission statements, program rosters, membership details, and donation forms for a dozen of the top 100 charities. Some of the leading organizations include Continue reading

Bugs Henderson Kept Buggin’ Out

In today’s industry, he’s as unmarketable as an artist can get.

Yet Bugs Henderson’s idiosyncratic attitude has served him well, or at least well enough. , released last spring, is easily the best example to date of Henderson’s seamless fusion of the muscular blues of Freddie King and B. B. King, the crystalline country picking of Chet Atkins, the

The rockin' Bugs, now deceased.

The rockin’ Bugs, now deceased.

clean rockabilly of James Burton’s work behind Ricky Nelson, the precision of jazz great Joe Pass, and the rock fuzz, twang, and feedback of the Ventures, Link Wray, and Duane Eddy. (On a 1988 album he dubbed his sound simply “American music,” making the phrase the album’s title as well.) At once his most diversified and most focused album, Daredevils is also selling better than his others. Even in Europe, where his sales have always exceeded those in the United States, Henderson remains a cult artist, but at least with this release the cult is still growing. Continue reading

Is Online Education Right For You?

Ok, class, here’s today’s pop quiz. Imagine you are interviewing yourself for the position of head of a business. Would you hire you? This is an essay question. You may begin.

ioerI think I’d have aced the first part of the interview. I knew my trade when I quit my day job and went into business for myself as a writer and Web site developer. I had almost a decade of experience in the business, a Rolodex full of contacts, and a lot of regular work lined up. But the tough-cop questions that interviewers use to sort out the sheep from the goats would have consigned me to the goat pile in minutes. How much did I know about bookkeeping? Marketing? Growing a business? Human resources?

As a corporate hireling, I had always thrown these tasks into the “not my department” out-box. Especially the bit about human resources — as I proved by offering myself the positions of CEO, human resources director, president, janitor, and only employee of my fledgling company. An HR professional would have Continue reading

Those Conservative Guitarists…

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the musicians with the most nonconservative reputation are really a little fuddy duddy when it comes to their purchase choices. Other pastimes, like Hockey, Tennis and Golf continue to embrace new tools, new materials and performance enhancing equipment, whereas the world of the guitarist remains startlingly the same. It’s almost like time has stopped with guitarists.

Classic, or snoozeworthy?

The kid walking into the store may have a blue mohawk, a nose ring, tattoos, and a burning desire to rebel against “all the hypocritical conventions of our decaying society.” But, when it comes to buying his guitar, chances are he’ll come down on the side of the convention, play it safe, and pick one of the forty-plus-year-old designs that represent the mainstay of the guitar business. As popular musicians in every genre strive to lead the cutting edge, it’s more than a little ironic that Continue reading

Good Financing Is Just Good Business

Richard Zoppo was already running a successful New Jersey pest control company when he discovered a tempting second route for sale. By jumping on die opportunity, he could double his business, expand to new territories, and garner more clients — all for an asking price of $35,000. Zoppo told that fine story to the bank where his business account had been growing for more than five years. He spent about $500 and weeks of preparation to have his accountant complete a loan request that included tax returns from both businesses, profit-and-loss gfgbhistories, and a plan for integrating the two routes. He submitted the request, and waited. And waited, and… about two weeks later, the loan officer called to say, “I never saw such a nice proposal. Who’s your accountant? And, by the way, we’re not going to give you the money.”

Another bank request, another few weeks, and another resounding “No.” Zoppo was getting desperate, but lucky for him, so was the motivated seller. “Why don’t I just lend you the money?” the seller asked. With that, a successful deal was struck. The two exterminators drew up an agreement that gave Zoppo a five-year, 9 percent loan — and both walked away happy. “It’s better this way,” says Zoppo. “I’d rather pay him than a bank anyway.”

Not that he had a choice. The sad truth is Continue reading

Bringing Snoring To A Stop

Snoring is an issue that certainly a lot of people face. Despite not seeming dangerous, a person should try to solve his or her snoring problem. Snoring will lead to sleep deprivation that might cause heavy fatigue and further health complications. In some cases, snoring might be the symptom of potential heart disease. But do not fear, as there are many snoring remedies such as a snoring mouthpiece like the Zquiet, featured here to help you solve the problem.

One of the solutions you can try is to change your pillows on a regular basis. Pillows are the home to dust mites. And once there is too many dust mites nesting in your pillow, allergens from these mites may actually cause you to snore. So, make it a habit to change to a new pillow every once in awhile. Another remedy that you can try is to not consume alcohol or other sedatives before you go to bed. Taking alcohol before sleeping will cause your muscles to relax. And when your tongue and the soft palate relax, it will cause a narrower airway in which air can flow to your lungs.

Start by trying each home remedy for a small period of time. Soon, you will begin to understand what works for you.

Snoring is a kind of sleeping disorder that is being found in people more than ever as the population increases. Nowadays people of all age group undergo this problem and you could say it has become a perpetual syndrome found among the common man. Snoring can happen due to various kinds of reasons. Sometimes fatigue and excessive nasal pressure can be the reasons for snoring. However, with the improvement of medical science, one can get rid of snoring habit very easily. A few easy snoring remedies are that can be undertaken by individuals are like usage of nasal strips, which are very easily available on the market. These nasal strips are very easy to wear and work wonders. These strips are very light in weight and it can be said that these are the ultimate solution for snoring remedies. One can get these nasal strips online and can order these strips with the help of internet sitting at home. These strips are so effective that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee to all its customers in case it fails to work. All together, it can be said that nasal strips are the best solution that are available in the market, which fights snoring problem and eventually helps the individual to get rid of snoring.

Medicines typically will not cure snoring. This is because all snoring is not caused by a single factor. The reason for snoring varies from person to person. Age and gender difference can be a common factor for snoring. Once people reach their middle age, snoring usually seems to gradually become part of their sleep. It is also often noticed that men are more prone to snore than women are. Whatever be the reason for snoring, the right snoring remedies can help eradicate this issue in course of time.

One of the best snoring remedies is proper food intake. A heavy dinner can be a surefire cause for snoring. So, be careful to have a light dinner as far as possible. Changing the sleep posture can also be of great help in reducing snores. Intake of alcohol is another common reason for snoring in sleep because it relaxes muscles and leads to the narrowing of the passage of air. Here it must be noted that though various things contribute to snoring, the root cause is always the narrowing of the air passage while breathing during sleep. When the passage is narrowed, air comes out with an audible sound. Therefore, snoring remedies focus on understanding what causes this narrowing in individuals and arrive at the specific lifestyle change that can make a definite difference.

Snoring is a problem that may be affecting about half of the population. The problem is usually common in men who smoke or are overweight. Here are some its main causes and remedies that will definitely show you the proper way of how to stop snoring. During sleeping, if you are not able to breathe properly then it can cause snoring. Sleeping on your back also cause snoring. Having large tongues or tonsils can also be a reason for this problem. Usage of alcohol, cigarettes and sleeping pills also cause snoring. The following are some remedies that are effective for snoring treatment.

  • Change the pattern of your sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back. It will help you to breathe properly.
  • Lose your weight. It will help you to reduce the intensity of snoring problem.
  • Avoid taking any pills without doctor prescription.
  • Avoid usage of alcohol and quit smoking. Start breathing exercises.
  • Avoid dairy and fried products because these are a key reason for congestion in people.

Snoring can be a sign of a serious problem if it is persistent. You should consult your doctor in this condition. The physician will evaluate the actual problem. Call your doctor now if you have problems such as daytime, loud or heavy snoring. If your breathing stops during sleep and you experience inappropriate timing of sleeping, be quick and talk to your doctor about it.

Snoring Is Treatable

Many people have snoring problems but fortunately, now we have many snoring cures as well that help us to reduce or eradicate the snoring problem easily. Here are some cures that will surely work for some. Keep in mind that snoring can be serious sometimes and cause many problems for the sufferer. Therefore, you should know how to stop snoring fast. One of these ways with with anti snoring devices known collectively as snoring mouthpieces. They include such brands as Good Morning Snore Solution, ZQuiet and SnoreRX. Read some reviews at this site.

A simple tip that can reduce your snoring problem is to bring some change in your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, you restrict your air passages during breathing. Continue reading

Are You Hearing Hard Drive Clicking Sounds Within Your System?

All hope is not lost when and if you begin to hear hard drive clicking sounds within your system. Too often times, consumers think that their system is ruined or on the brink of no return. There are actually several different free programs that you can try out. Trying a free program to solve a potential issue is much better than automatically turning to an expert who may very well charge you money that is not needed.

clicking-hard-driveFirst of all, scour your search engines for the highest rated ones. Suggesting highly to narrow your searches to a good disk cleanup tool. These are often times included on systems for free when they are purchased. Do not forget about a defragmentation and even an error checking scan. The excellent point to understand here is the fact that these programs are all over the Internet, and in most cases are very easy to understand. If you have any issues, simply search for tutorials on how to use them. The most important thing to keep in mind is that just because you hear hard drive clicking it does not signify the end of your system! So take a deep breath and begin your searches, it will definitely make you feel more empowered when you solve and repair your own issue.

Different Hard Drive Sounds And Their Causes

There are many sounds that one can hear when using the computer – from opening it, to clicking on the mouse, typing on the keys, and running the various processes around it. However, one unusual sound that can be heard which should be a warning sign to all laptop users is the hard drive clicking noise. It’s a continuous clicking sound whenever you are trying to open files, save files, or copy files.

In case of external hard drives, they have the same kind of clicking sounds. Like when you start to attach the USB cable of the hard drive to the computer, you will hear the hard drive clicking noise. Sometimes, it’s also a clucking sound or a buzzing sound. Usually, the severity of the damage of a hard drive depends on how soft or loud and insistent the hard drive clicking noise is. There might be other sounds that you can hear when running your computer that might sound like it but it does not always mean that if you hear clicking sounds it’s already coming from the hard drive. Always make sure to check everything before assuming which these noises are so as not to waste hours and financial resources in solving these computer issues.

Hard Drive Crash And Burn…And Freeze?

Hard disk drives fail. Not everything manufactured and placed in your computer that seems to be working properly for now will last that same way for a long time. Because much like our car, hard disk drives are prone to everyday wear and tear and no matter how careful we may be with our gadgets, a hard drive crash can occur. This is where data recovery experts come in. Hard drive failures can be caused by physical disruptions such as when your computer was bumped when it’s running or when your computer is exposed to extreme heat. Other time a hard drive crash is due to the logical failures such as improper formatting of the hard drive disk or when a virus targets your hard disk drive and causes the entire system to fail.

When these things happen, there’s actually a popular data recovery DIY: freezing your hard disk drive. Say what? Continue reading

To Succeed In Business, You Must Evolve

tsibYour market has become saturated. Your clients’ needs have shifted. Your industry has been wiped out by technology. Is it time to pack it in? No — it’s just time to change. In fact, small-business experts point to change as the foremost ingredient of a flourishing company. Whether it’s a spin-off, a new product, an original twist on an old product, or a service completely separate from its parent, change in business should be ever-present, says Arnold Brown, chairman of New York City-based Weiner, Edrich, Brown Inc., a consulting group that specializes in the management of change and trend analysis. The key is the timing. “Everybody has to become a trendspotter,” Brown says. The French aristocrats knew it was time to change when they started getting their heads chopped off. By then it was too late.” Fortunately, small businesses are uniquely qualified to act fast and adapt quickly to change. In contrast to a conglomerate that needs layers of approval and stacks of paperwork just to switch to a different brand of coffee in the break room, a small company can switch directions on a dime.

To help you keep your head-and make sure your business heads in the right direction-we asked top experts for advice and talked with three entrepreneurs for whom change is a welcome caller in the workplace. Continue reading

Texas Guitarists Still Feeling Stevie Ray’s Influence

As one of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s proteges and a member of the late Austin boogie band the Arc Angels, Doyle Bramhall left Austin in October to enter drug detox and rehab in California, but once that is behind him, Geffen Records will start grooming him for the big time.

Considering the diversity of talent represented here, generalizations can be futile. Even so, there are several important common threads. The influence of Vaughan, whether blatant or subtle, can be felt whenever any of these musicians performs, and like Vaughan, most of them play in a power trio or quartet format. Also, nearly all are as enamored as Vaughan was of Jimi Hendrix, the wizard who in the late sixties redefined electric guitar.

Stevie Ray Vaughn continues to influence a new generation of guitarists.

Finally, when they play outside the region, the newcomers are invariably sagged the successor to Stevie Ray Vaughan,” though in fact Converse and Wayne are the only near wannabees. At the opposite end of the spectrum are Foley and Andrews, both pretty much blues purists. The others fall somewhere in between. Continue reading

Buffalo’s Celebrations And Discoveries Was Classic

The 1993 Guitar Foundation of America International Festival and Competition, or “Celebrations and Discoveries”, was probably one of the most epic guitar conventions of all time. It lives on in history through the minds of those that were present.

Those attending the festival were treated to a whirlwind of recitals, masterclasses, workshops, panel discussions, and lectures. These events were staggered so that, in theory, a diligent registrant could attend every single one. In practice, however, this became impractical because in order to do so one would have had to miss the drama of the preliminary, semifinal, and final rounds of the annual competition and the displays of 25 different suppliers to the guitar trade who had set up a giant Vendor’s Fair, both of which were going on simultaneously with the festival events. Host for “Celebrations and Discoveries”, which was held October 21-25, was the music Continue reading